1. Biomaterials and Biomimetic Materials (生物医用仿生材料)

The works will based on the demands of biomedical application, and the strategies to biomimic the ingredients, structures and fuctions of natural tissues. i. To biomimetically design, synthesize or prepare novel bioactive macromolecules or polymers which can accelerate cell growth, differetiation and tissue regeneration. ii.In situ polymerization or grafting of these bioactive macromolecules on  functional inorganic particles (i.e, hydroxyapatites) will be employed to develop new nanocomposites or nanomaterials with  biomimetic compositions and structures for regenerative medicine.




2. Tissue/organ scaffolds (组织与器官支架)

Besides its biocompatibility, biodegradation, and bioactivity, the shape, microstructure, mechanical properties and surface properties of a new material  will also be closely related to its application in tissue engineering or regenerative medicine. i. A series of processing techniques, including electrospinning, centrifugal spinning, particulate leaching, gas foaming, freeze-drying, and 3D printing, have been developed to prepare biological scaffolds of tissue engineering. ii. Surface modification of the scaffolds with physical, chemical or biological methods will be explored. iii. The factors and mechanisms related to tissue regeneration will be studied. Furthermore, some implantable medical devices have been designed and developed for repair or replacement of damaged tissues or organs, such as bone, cartilage or skin, et al. The new technologies of injectable materials and personalized medicine will also be explored.


3. Electric/Electromagnetic signals and its Biological response(电/磁信号与生物应答)

Organ growth or tissue regeneration are usually resulted from the changes of cell activities, including cell growth, spreading, migration, differentiation and the secretion of excelluar matrices (ECM).  Although chemical signals are the main way  of information transmission between cells and cells, electrical signal in cells or between cell and cell is also important factors for guide cell activity. Thus we design and synthesize a series of conductive, electroactive or Electromagnetic responsed biodegradable polymers or composites. Their effects on cell activities and functions of stem cells, and the disciplanation or molecular mechanism of stem cell's directional growth and differentiation stimulated by electric/electromagnetic signals will be explored. The regenerative technologies of nerve, cardiac muscle or bone with biophysical instruments will be developed.