Dr & Prof Peibiao Zhang

     Group Leader


  Materials for regenerative         medicine, including:

  ※ Biopolymer;

  ※ Biocomposites;

  ※ Tissue/organ scaffolds;

  ※ Electric biological signals;
  ※ Cell microcarrier & bioreactor;

  ※ Stem cell and tissue      engineering


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from May 27, 2016

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Brief Introduction

It is the dream of human being for several centuries to realize the tissue/organ regeneration. To meet the demands of the development of new medical technologies in the future, the research group of regenerative medicine materials leaded by Prof. Peibiao Zhang was established in 2014. It is the medical-oriented group focused on biomaterials in CIAC, CAS. The team members are from different majors, including Medical Science, Biology, and Chemistry, as well as Materials and Technology. Its key members have ever worked in biopolymer group for ten years (2003-2013), and total fifteen years in this field. The aim of the new group will focus on regenerative medicine, and is to develop new materials and apparatus for tissue repair or organ regeneration.




Interactions and its mechanisms between material's interface and cells or tissues

Processing techniques for biomimetic scaffolds

 Controlled release of drugs ( or proteins) for tissue regeneration

Electric/Electromagnetic signals and its Biological response

Implantable medical devices or apparatus


Experimental protocol Experimental protocol

最小化 最大化

一、Biological and Medical tests

1、Analysis of cell attachment and spreading on polymer surfaces
2、MTT test
3、electrophoresis of DNA and proteins
4、Real-time PCR
5、ALP test

6、Immunofluorescence analysis by clsm
7、Calcium deposit staining
8、Biological mineralization test

9、Tissue or cell fixing method
10、Animal models
11、Laboratory safety

二、Chemical and Material's tests