Journal of Controlled Release(2020)[1]



Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating neurological disorder caused by mechanical trauma and immediately triggers a cascade of events including vascular changes, free radical formation, and disruption of ionic balance, apoptosis and inflammatory response. These degenerative events are usually accompanied by the loss of neurons and axonal degeneration leading to progressive tissue damage and functional disability. Over the past decades, many drug treatments have been examined in animal models of SCI in order to repair the damaged tissue and expedite functional recovery. Among pharmaceutical interventions, only a few of them could be translated into the clinic possibly due to targeting only one aspect of the complicated injury.

Recently, Professor Nazemi from Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran designed a dual-delivery system consisting of a neuroprotective drug, minocycline hydrochloride (MH), and a neuroregenerative drug, paclitaxel (PTX), to enhance tissue regeneration in a rat hemisection model of SCI. For this purpose, PTX-encapsulated poly (lactic-coglycolic acid) PLGA microspheres along with MH were incorporated into the alginate hydrogel. A prolonged and sustained release of MH and PTX from the alginate hydrogel was obtained over eight weeks. The obtained hydrogels loaded with a combination of both drugs or each of them alone, along with the blank hydrogel (devoid of any drugs) were injected into the lesion site after SCI (at the acute phase). Histological assessments showed that the dual-drug treatment reduced inflammation after seven days. Moreover, a decrease in the scar tissue, as well as an increase in neuronal regeneration was observed after 28 days in rats treated with dual-drug delivery system. Over time, a fast and sustained functional improvement was achieved in animals that received dual-drug treatment compared with other experimental groups.


    【1】 Z. Nazemi, M. S. Nourbakhsh, S. Kiani, Y. Heydari, M. K. Ashtiani, H. Daemi, H. Baharvand, Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society 2020, 321, 145.